Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Mancandy: Henry Cavill

So I've been advised that having Hawt Mancandy on my blog is not only a good thing, it is clearly expected. Since I am all about helping others, and being such a giver, I have decided that today will be my first regularly posted Monday Mancandy feature (thanks to Judy for the great name, which is much better than Saturday Studmuffins).

Now, everyone knows that I have an unabashed and shameless lust for Russell Crowe, but I realize he's not everyone's type. So, as a special treat for my friend Katie S., our introductory Monday Mancandy honor goes to ::::drumroll please:::: Henry Cavill.

(Promotional photo from HBO)

Why He's Hawt: He looks good naked, as we saw on The Tudors, but he also looks good with clothes on. Particularly period garb, as evidenced in both The Tudors and The Count of Monte Cristo (yes, he's in there, as Albert Mondego) and Tristan & Isolde. He's also a bit of a history nerd, having said that his dream role is Alexander the Great (hawt!) and he's slated to play the next Superman, which means he's read at least one comic book (+1!!).

Bonus Hawt Points: Speaks with an English accent, can ride a horse, knows how to swordfight, does not appear to manscape, and wears leather pants without looking like a member of an 80's hair band.

Downsides: He's only 27, which -- if you're in your forties like me -- makes him just a bit young. Not young enough that I could have given birth to him, though, so he's fair game.

Total Mancandy Percentage: 93%

* The Total Mancandy Percentage of selected subjects is chosen by a highly scientific formula, as follows:

   (Why He's Hawt) + (Bonus Hawt Points) 
- (Downsides) 
÷(Would I Kick Him Out of Bed if He Talked)
 =Mancandy Quotient


  1. hahaha!As I never saw the Tudors I believe I missed this particular piece of mancandy, but wow..going to have to check it out now..

  2. Oh yeah . . . Tudors was required watching for fans of mancandy. Patty, this gets my stamp of approval and now I may actually look forward to Monday!

  3. you forgot to mention that he speaks at least 4 languages, meaning he can say I want to see you nekkid in multiple ways :] Patti for the mancandy!