Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Mancandy: Timothy Olyphant

, So last week's Monday Mancandy honor went to the delicious Henry Cavill, he of the leather pants and Superman cape. This week, we're returning to the US for some more homegrown Mancandy. As a gift to my friend Monica, this week's profile is...

Timothy Olyphant.

Promo photo (c) FXTV

Why He's Hawt: Typically plays a lawman, and gets to shoot stuff. In a cowboy hat. I've seen him in Deadwood, The Crazies, and now Justified, and I think there should be a law passed that says Timothy Olyphant must wear a badge and carry a gun in everything he's in. Shoots the bad guys and manages to make righteous homicide look sexy.

Bonus Hawt Points: The accent is awful cute - although I'm not sure it's authentic, since he's apparently from the west coast somewhere -- and you can tell he's got a sense of humor. Not only that, he's been married to the same woman for like two decades, and that's very appealing. And he looks good naked (or close to it, from what we've seen on Justified - moar nekkid Raylan plz).

Downsides: I like tall and lanky guys, but Mr. Olyphant seems like he could use another fifteen or so pounds on him. If he'd just let me bake him some cookies, we could fix that.

Total Mancandy Percentage: 95%

* The Total Mancandy Percentage of selected subjects is chosen by a highly scientific formula, as follows:

   (Why He's Hawt) + (Bonus Hawt Points) 
- (Downsides) 
÷(Would I Kick Him Out of Bed if He Talked)
 =Mancandy Quotient


  1. Hell yes! Raylan is definitely high on my list.

    Did you see Mr. Olyphant in "The Girl Next Door"? He plays a cheesy porn producer. And yes, he still manages to make that look sexy! He was also quite tasty in the TV show Damages.

    And I so love your tag "What a big gun that is", LOL!!!

  2. I don't remember him in Damages, but that's because I lost interest halfway through the first season. I even watched "Perfect Getaway" just so I could see him.

    He shoulda had a hat and a gun.

  3. I'd settled for just the gun...