Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Obligatory Introductory Post

OK, so for a while now I've been pondering the idea of a regular blog. I burned out on LiveJournal a while back, because it didn't really lend itself well to Actual Thoughts -- typically when I posted something I'd put a lot of thought into, the responses consisted of lots of LOLing and YA ME 2. Blog hosting has come a long way since then, and since many of my friends and fellow writers are Blogspotters, I figured I'd join the fray.

If you want to read about my interest and practice of modern Paganism, that's over yonder on If you want to hear me rant about the colossal disaster that is our country's government and complain about anti-choice, anti-woman legislators, I do that on Facebook (although I only add people to my Friends List that I know in person, so don't take offense if I don't respond to your F-Request). If you want to hear random thoughts in 140 characters or less, occasionally including curse words and links to mancandy, that's what Twitter is for.

What do I hope to accomplish here? Well, this is where I'll be sharing ideas and thoughts about my writing, both freelance and book thingies. I'll also be posting about locavore eating, gluten free food, green living, and my quest to become a homesteader.

Oh, and there may well be links to hawt mancandy. Don't say I didn't warn you.


  1. I look very much forward to seeing a differing side to the Patti that I've come to enjoy.

  2. I have followed you on your for a while now, even getting email updates. Now I forsee myself enjoying your writing here. You have inspired me to at least attempt in improving my writing skills (which I have none). And give me the gumption to look into things a little more than perrusing cover pages.

    Thanks for all that by the way.

  3. Monica, you're so welcome. I'm also going to be adding a tab up top with helpful links for writers, because there's so much BAD information out there, I figure I ought to share the good stuff :)