Sunday, May 22, 2011

Garden Prep

So yesterday I spent the entire day outside tilling the garden. This year I've expanded it, in the interests of going from a decorative garden than had some food growing in it to a utilitarian and productive space where the primary purpose is food production. The main planting space is 20 x 25 feet, with a couple of extra areas tacked on for good measure. Tomatoes will stay over by the sunroom, on the south wall, because they really like it there.

Anyway, do you know what two hours of tilling sod does to you? It makes you sunburned and muddy, you begin to smell weird, and you get mud on the INSIDE of your sports bra. You also end up with blisters on top of your blisters, despite those Mac Tools work gloves you love so much.

You also end up feeling like you've accomplished a hell of a lot.

Right now - despite the fact that I feel like I've been run over by a car -- I've sent Mr. Wicked off to buy me a truck load of ComTill, I've got a sack of bloodmeal to blend in, and shortly I'll be RE-tilling the whole thing so that I can get my plants in place this week.

And in a previous post, I mentioned that I plan my garden in advance each year. No, I'm not obsessive about this or anything, why do you ask?


  1. This blog post makes me feel utterly happy! I have a notebook that I keep all of my gardens' (yes, plural) information in.
    But, you have me on a key. (and grid paper. That rocks) I don't have a key. I need a key.
    I did a lot of companion planting - sage with the strawberries, etc. Rodale's herb book has a great section on companion planting.
    Just a thought!

  2. I'm so jealous! Looks like an amazing garden in the makings!