Saturday, June 25, 2011

2012 Llewellyn Goodies - Hooray!

I swear, my poor UPS man probably lives in fear of being molested by me every time he rings my doorbell, because I'm always genuinely happy to see him. Thankfully, he's a good sport, and he's learned just to toss me the package and run once he hears me go SQUEEEEEEE!

This weekend's offerings brought me not one but TWO goodies, sent by the good folks at Llewellyn Worldwide. Last summer I was invited to contribute to the 2012 Witches' Calendar and the 2012 Sabbats Almanac, and I'm happy to say my contributor copies have arrived, and they look magnificent.

My contributions to the Sabbats Almanac include a series of short pieces on folklore for each of the eight Pagan holidays:

Samhain: Magical Bats
Yule: Io, Saturnalia
Imbolc: The Hearthfire
Ostara: Labyrinth Magic
Beltane: Legend of the Rowan Tree
Litha: Native Sun Stories
Lughnasadh: Goddess of the Grain
Mabon: Mabon Apple Magic
For the 2012 Witches' Calendar, I've written a piece entitled Individual Honors, which looks at the way contemporary Pagans can honor the old gods in a way that's appropriate to the needs and demands of the gods themselves.

There are also some fantastic offerings from Ellen Dugan, Elizabeth Barrette, Raven Digitalis, and other Pagan authors.

So anyway, I was thrilled to get these from my poor bedraggled UPS guy! You'll be able to pick these up in bookstores beginning in July, or you can order them directly from Llewellyn and have them shipped to you: 2012 Sabbats Almanac and 2012 Witches' Calendar.

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