Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Check Out the Smashwords July Sale!

Smashwords is offering a special deal through the entire month of July, where a number of books are offered at discounts of up to 75% off by participating authors.

Want to check out a copy of MacFarlane's Ridge? It's available at a 50% discount, which means you'll be able to download it for only $3.00. Use the code SSW50 at checkout for 50% off during this site-wide promo! (Offer good thru July 31, 2011)

MacFarlane's Ridge: Cameron Clark's life was just like everyone else’s, until the day she stumbled across a pre-Revolutionary War journal. Suddenly, she was on the run from a killer, escaping to a place she had never imagined – the past.

Cam’s attempts to return home, coupled with her
knowledge of war and battles to come, send her on a quest through the Virginia of 1775 – a quest which becomes more complicated when she falls in love with a man who lived over two hundred years ago. To make matters worse, Robert MacFarlane is being hunted by the British government, charged with rebellion and piracy.

Cam learns that life was far from easy in the 1700’s, but before she can return to the present, she finds herself caught in the middle between two centuries, and two men – one of whom proves to be deadly.

Download your copy today by clicking HERE.

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