Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Guest Post at The Pagan Mom Blog

A huge shout-out to the awesome Angela Pippinger over at The Pagan Mom Blog, who invited me to be a guest blogger. I have the privilege of contributing to her 31 Days of Deity project with a piece on the Celtic battle goddess, The Morrighan. For a hard polytheist like myself, it's always a treat to be part of something bigger than my own immediate pantheon. Thanks so much for letting me contribute!

The Morrighan

I’ve paid tribute to the Morrighan for nearly two decades now, and although my life has changed in so many ways since she first whacked me upside the head with a cosmic two-by-four, I’m still honored that she chose to get my attention.

I first began studying Pagan religions back around 1987. Although most of the information available publicly at that time was NeoWiccan in flavor, I found myself continuously drawn to the Celtic deities of my ancestors. However, I never really connected with a particular god or goddess, so I just plodded along, figuring that eventually I’d have that moment of divine epiphany that everyone assured me would .... Read Full Post

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