Monday, July 25, 2011

The Scandalous Miss Lydia Bennet

I'm pleased to announce that The Scandalous Miss Lydia Bennet, my Jane Austen-inspired short, is available for download!

I've always felt Lydia got the short end of things in Pride and Prejudice, and that there was no way she was really as foolish as everyone thought she was. And as if it wasn't bad enough to have all of Meryton (and much of Brighton as well) thinking you're an idiot of questionable virtue, she got stuck married to Wickham, who is clearly a gambler, a rakehell, and a vile seducer of innocent maidens. But what if all of Lydia's foolishness was a facade? What if there was far more to Lydia than any of us ever expected?

Find out what Miss Lydia Bennet was really up to when she was flirting with Wickham, laughing too loudly, and horrifying her sisters with her outrageous behavior:

Download The Scandalous Miss Lydia Bennet for 99¢

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