Sunday, July 24, 2011

What $15 Buys at a Farmer's market

Don't think you can afford to eat locally grown organic food? Here's what I got at the Farmer's Market yesterday for $15:

6 ears fresh corn = $2
6 banana peppers = $1
2 heads garlic = $1
2 lbs new potatoes = $1
1 lb honey = $6
Homemade barbeque sauce $4

I didn't really need the honey, but I like chatting with the bee people, so I bought it anyway, even though I still have half a jar from last time.

The BBQ sauce lady gives you 50 cents off a jar if you return her old jars to her.

The banana peppers are actually 5 for a dollar, but the nice Amish guy always puts six in the bag.

This is two dinners worth of food for my family - I can use a pound of potatoes and three ears of corn, and a couple of peppers paired up with some pork or chicken out of my freezer, and there's a meal. Heck, I can even use the honey and the BBQ sauce at the same time, and there's always room for garlic.

So basically, $7.50 for most of a meal that feeds five people. Even if I factor in, say, a small chicken breast for each of us or a pork chop, and a salad made out of stuff I grew in the back yard, that's a pretty cheap meal.

Don't buy into the whole "you can't afford to eat organic" myth, because it's just not always true.

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