Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gluten Free No-Bake Rum Balls

This is a recipe I've been toting around with me and playing with for a couple of decades, and while it's a pretty standard no-bake cookie, I've tweaked it so that it's gluten free. Because what the hell is the point of me making a batch of cookies if I can't nom on the dough in the process?

A quick note - I like to make this with rum (specifically, Cruzan coconut rum, because it's amazeballs), but you can use bourbon if you like. You don't need a lot - just a half cup - so just dig around in your pantry and experiment a little. That's how I do most of my cooking at this point.

Also, if you're not a GF eater, no biggie - use  Nilla Wafers instead of trying to hunt down a box of gluten free animal crackers or grahams.

Gluten Free Rum Balls

Here's what you need:

3 cups gluten free animal (or graham) crackers, crushed
• 1 cup pecans , chopped fine

• 1 cup powdered sugar (plus extra for coating the cookies)
• 3 tablespoons light Karo (corn) syrup
• 2 1/3 tablespoons cocoa
• 1/2 cup rum

Put your cookies and pecans in a food processor and chop them until they're grainy. The finer the better.
Add the cocoa (I like Nestle's Dark, myself), the Karo syrup, and the powdered sugar. Blend the heck out of it.
Yo ho ho, bitches!

You'll need a half cup of rum. Again, I prefer Cruzan, but hey, whatever trips your trigger. I've used Malibu, and it works just as well. If you don't love coconut, use straight rum or bourbon.
Blendity blendity blend.

Refrigerate your batter for an hour or so. It's going to be wet and sticky, so firming it up is a good idea.
Is your batter firm? Of course it is, because you listened and stuck it in the fridge.

Dump a little powdered sugar in a bowl.

Roll your dough into little balls.This is a lot easier if you put some powdered sugar on your hands to keep the dough from sticking. Plus when you're done you can lick your fingers clean.

You know, if you're into that sort of thing.

Roll the dough balls in the powdered sugar.

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper, toss your cookie balls onto it, and back to the fridge it goes! The longer they sit, the firmer they get, and the more manageable they are.

You'll get about 36 of these out of a batch, if you roll them about 1" in diameter. Less if you eat the dough while you work.

Three for me, and one for you!


  1. We credited you as the basis for our no-bake ginger snap rum "amazeballs" :D

    Thank you very much!

  2. Thanks for sharing both your recipe and the funny jokes!

  3. hi.. I am looking for a substitute for the corn syrup.. is olive oil okay or sunflower seed oil?? what is so special about corn syrup?

    1. The corn syrup isn't so much "special" as it is the ingredient that adds the sweetness and binds the rest of the stuff together. Substituting oil would not only impact the taste (and in a really bad way) but it would also make your batter thin and runny and gloppy.

      If you don't want to use corn syrup - for instance, if someone in the house has an allergy that prevents them from eating it - a reasonably good exchange is to mix water and sugar. To make a cup of sugar syrup, mix one full cup sugar with about 1/4 cup water. Obviously, you don't need that much, you only need three tablespoons for this recipe, but it would be a decent substitute.

    2. I'm going to use honey as a substitute for corn syrup. I've seen this on a cooking show on youtube (Hilah cooking).