Friday, April 27, 2012

Gluten Free Redhead

I'm finally caving to peer pressure, and starting a separate blog for gluten-free stuff. I've found that a lot of people seem to think those of us who eat a GF diet are living off rice cakes and celery sticks, and I can assure you, that's just not the case. I eat a lot of good stuff - look at me, and it's clear I'm not starving. I like to cook, I like to eat, and I like yummy things. Food should be an adventure, a celebration, a cause for joy and rapture -- not a chore that makes you feel sad and pathetic. So stop in over at Gluten Free Redhead, to see what I'm doing over there. I promise not to flash my boobs at you.

Although those, too, are gluten-free.

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