Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bacony Goodness!

Read my latest, Everything's Better With Bacon, over at An Army of Ermas:

I’m pretty sure that in a previous lifetime, I was a dude. Unlike so many of my organic-grass-fed-free-range friends, I am of the philosophy that bacon makes everything better. And if one slice of bacon makes it good, Gentle Reader, then TWO slices turns it into a little bit of pork-flavored heaven. Read Full Article

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  1. Hey! If you're eating naturally raised pork, eat all the bacon you want! As one of them organic-grass-fed-free-range types, I'm just sayin', lol. Bacon with all the crappy chemicals -- nah. But woodland/pasture-raised and finished pork? Pass me the frying pan and get outa my way!! MWHhahahaha!