Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Am Fucking Tired

One of my most notable memories of my childhood is that of walking in a parade with my mom and the local branch of the League of Women Voters. This was back in the 1970s, when the Equal Rights Amendment was a big issue, and I’m pretty sure that at age ten or so, I had a shirt that read “A Woman’s Place is in the House… and in the Senate.”

So for me, someone raised by parents who were feminists back before it became some kind of dirty word (thanks, Rush Limbaugh, you douchenozzle!), it never even crossed my mind that there might be things I wasn’t allowed to do simply because I don’t have a penis. This is why, after the past few years of watching the ongoing and ever-increasing war on women by the Republican party, I can honestly say I AM FUCKING TIRED.

I don’t even bother trying to counter the arguments anymore, because people that I normally consider intelligent, logical people buy into the lies and the hate and the misogyny and the rhetoric. Seriously, if I was a woman who identified as Republican, I’d be looking at the people representing my party and saying WTF, YO?

As it is, I’m a woman who votes Democratic nearly all the time, because there’s no way on dog’s green earth that I could, in good conscience, vote for a party whose platform includes not only restricting my rights but REMOVING the existing ones.


I am fucking tired of the rape apologists who spout off a bunch of bullshit, medically incorrect statements as a justification for why they don’t think anyone ever ever EVER should be allowed near an abortion. The worst part of Todd Akin’s whole “legitimate rape  doesn’t result in pregnancy” clusterfuck? It implies that if you get pregnant, YOU WEREN’T REALLY RAPED.

I am fucking tired of legislators who are trying to shove their religious beliefs all up into my ladybits, because an iron fist holding a Bible is still an iron fucking fist. Your religion says life begins at conception? No problem. Mine says that the life of a mother is as sacred as the life of an unborn foetus. Deal with it.

I am fucking tired of women being labeled as sluts and whores because they want their insurance to pay for contraception and reproductive health care. This slut fucking votes, you asshats, and I pay my insurance premiums just like you do.

I am fucking tired of people who assume that just because I have a vagina I’m going to support a candidate who ALSO has a vagina. Give us some credit. Women are not stupid. We’re not going to vote for you just because you’re female and have kids and live in the burbs. We’re also not going to vote for your husband because he’s handsome or because he coached Little League. Jesus Christ, people - do you really think we’re idiots? Because if we ARE that moronic and shallow, then we maybe deserve to have our rights stripped away from us, just for being too fucking dumb to fight back.

I am fucking tired of women who are too lazy to get to the polls and vote at all. Of female Americans over the age of eighteen - in other words, old enough to participate in an election - only 66% are registered voters. That’s two thirds of you. As if that’s not horrible enough, only 45% of women bothered to show up and vote at all. Less than half. If you haven’t voted, fucking shame on you.

I am fucking tired of fighting the endless bullshit of people I consider friends who post lies and misinformation perpetuated by the conservative right, all in an effort to discredit those who tell the fucking truth.


I shouldn’t have to repeatedly defend my uterus and reproductive organs and rights against people who would, given the opportunity, turn the country I love into the Republic of Fucking Gilead. Not sure what the hell that means? Read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

But you know what? I keep on defending myself and my rights and uterus and the rights of my daughters and everything else that holds value to me, because, as much as the Republican party would like people like me to sit down and shut the fuck up, I can’t do it. I wasn’t raised that way. Because I’m not just fucking tired.


And if you’re not, then you’re part of the problem.