Friday, August 21, 2015

Introducing "Scar Tissue"

Scar Tissue is available now for your Kindle or the Kindle app!

It's 2213, and Zanna Tradescant is one of the best Historical Interference Control agents in the district - after all, who else would let the Launch Team strap them into a pod and shoot them back in time? Not too many people would sign up for that at all, so when rogue scientist Austin Kent timerides back to 1893, carrying a deadly virus with him, Zanna's the only one who can stop him. She's going to need some help, though, to navigate the turn-of-the-century streets in New York That Was, and that's where beat copper Jackson Garrity and his sister Maggie are going to come in very handy indeed. While Garrity and Maggie are unaccustomed to chasing mad scientists and hungry zombies around the city, for Zanna, it's just another day on the job.

Download Scar Tissue for just $1.99 over on Amazon!

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