About Patti

Patti Wigington began writing at the age of seven. Since then, she's grown up (a little) and published a couple of books, a whole bunch of columns, and a few short stories.

Patti is a Site Guide for About.com, where she writes lots of really neat articles about modern Pagan religions: About Paganism/Wicca

In addition to writing, Patti spends her free time putzing around in her garden, coming up with new and exciting ways to re-use stuff she didn't think she wanted anymore, dying her hair odd colors, and full-contact recipe experimentation.

She is married to the most patient man in the world, and is raising three children who are remarkably well-adjusted, despite their mother's best efforts to turn them into very strange people.

Patti lives in central Ohio, and sometimes Tweets random things on Twitter. Come along and Stalk Me on Facebook, too!