As much as I would love to say that everything I've written is available as a lovely book for you to place on your nightstand, with my name prominently displayed on the cover, that's not entirely the case. I've actually contributed to a number of anthologies, and you can check some of them out for yourself:

Bad Austen: The Worst Stories Jane Austen Never Wrote: Imagine Mansfield Park set on the Jersey Shore. Or Mr. Darcy heading up the Starship Enterprise. Or Emma Woodhouse traveling through time to indulge her matchmaking. If you think that sounds like bad Austen, you couldn't be more right. It is a truth universally acknowledged that an author as popular as Jane Austen should be imitated, expanded upon, and parodied. Available in E-Book or Paperback

Tales of the Gunfighter Hollis Brown: This collection of cowboy poetry is a work of labor and love from the members of Absolute Write, and chronicles the adventures of a gunfighter we created from dirt and bullets. The seventy-three poems contained here are the official dust-covered, yellowed pulp records of a cowboy whose reckoning sent shock waves from Topeka to Barstow. Available in either e-book or paperback format.

Stories of Strength: Born in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, this anthology shares stories about what it takes to beat the odds. More than 100 writers contributed these essays, fiction and poetry to raise money for disaster relief charities in the region. Featuring writing from Orson Scott Card, Wil Wheaton, and Robin Lee Hatcher, I'm in some pretty impressive company. At times tear-jerking, at times humorous, this book is guaranteed to inspire and remind readers that the human spirit knows no boundaries. Available as an e-book or paperback.