Want to read some of my published stuff? Well, I'd love for you to do so. Here's some handy-dandy linkage to everything that's available, and I'll update it as more stuff comes out.

Call of the Clan: Like romantic suspense and hot guys in kilts? Hey, me too! Read Call of the Clan in e-book format from Smashwords at Download Call of the Clan.

Synopsis: Brynne's had trouble putting her life together since the accident. Deeply in debt and desperately in need of a job, the promise of an inheritance is incentive enough to pack her bags and head for Scotland. Naturally, she's also curious to learn about the father she never knew she had, though, and the treasure, supposedly hidden centuries before, that he was looking for when he was killed. 


The Scandalous Miss Lydia Bennet: This is NOT a full length novel, but a short story. I originally wrote it for a Jane Austen contest - I didn't win, but I really fell in love with the idea of Lydia being far more complex than readers generally give her credit for. I wanted to take the flighty personality of Lydia and give it some purpose and meaning, and this is what happened: Download The Scandalous Miss Lydia Bennet



MacFarlane's Ridge: Originally self-published in 2004, MacFarlane's Ridge is now available as a downloadable e-book. Get a copy for your nook, Kindle, or other e-reader from Smashwords at Download MacFarlane's Ridge

Synopsis: Cameron Clark's life was just like everyone else’s, until the day she stumbled across a pre-Revolutionary War journal. Suddenly, she was on the run from a killer, escaping to a place she had never imagined – the past. Things get even more complicated when she falls in love with a man who lived two hundred years ago.


Summer's Ashes: Voted one of Amazon's Top 100 Books for Middle-Grade Readers a while back, the print version of Summer's Ashes is no longer available. However, the good news is you can download it in a digital format here: Download Summer's Ashes.

Synopsis: Kieran Ash struggles with issues familiar to many teens-loneliness, loss, love/hate for her widowed mother and younger brother. But the discovery of an ancient spell book becomes the catalyst that changes their lives forever.


 Pirate's Alphabet:  Looking for a fun alphabet book to read to your little swashbuckler? Be sure to check out my Pirate's Alphabet book, featuring some absolutely adorable illustrations by Kit Umscheid. Available on a limited basis through Amazon, or you can order a copy directly from me via email.

Synopsis: A pirate captain and his gang pillage and plunder their way through the alphabet. From the moment they shout "A for Ahoy" to the time they fall asleep with a Zzzz, the band of mischief-makers rollicks and rhymes past the Ivory Coast, through Port Royal, and to a deserted island in search of treasure. Delightful and detailed illustrations will amuse parents and children alike.