For Writers

Want to write a book or article of your own?  Good!  You should do it.  It provides a place for all the weird stuff in your head to go.  Here are some links to websites worth checking out.

The Absolute Write Water Cooler:  Go here before you go anywhere else!  Be sure to read the Bewares and Background Checks board before you send a manuscript off to ANYONE.

Preditors and Editors:  Dave Kuzminski's comprehensive list of agents and publishing houses.  P&E includes a rating system which will tell you if an agent is a scammer or the real deal.  Search this site before you sign any contracts.

Writer Beware: Although it says SciFi/Fantasy Writers on the home page, this is an invaluable site for writers of any genre who wants to write and sell a book and not get hosed in the process. Warnings about schemes, scams, pitfalls, and all the creepers who prey one your hopes and dreams.

Association of Authors' Representatives:  AAR is the place to go if you want to find a legitimate literary agent.  Forget anyone who says they're out there to "help out new writers." Writing ain't a charity project. Look here to find someone who actually knows the business and has a track record of sales to publishers you've heard of. 

Copyright - What You Need to Know:  Although there's a link above to Writer Beware, this is one of their pages that you really need to read if you're an author of any sort. There's a lot of myth and misconception out there about copyright, what it means, and how you get one. Basically, if you've written it, it's yours. Period. Read this article for specifics on how that all works. You'll be glad you did.

Protect Your Stuff:  As if Anansi Boys and Stardust aren't reason enough to love Neil Gaiman, here's a great article from his blog about what writers Really Ought To Do with their property in case they die.  Run off with me, Neil, and we'll raise an army of quirky geniuses together!